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Mike Mitchell farms in Saskatchewan Canada, as Faith Hope Farms. Mike has had a passion for the dirt since he could walk into a sand box. You might know him as a youtuber but, farming is his full time job. It truly is his number one passion, hobbie, and pretty much the only thing he talks about. As a farmer, like many others, all conversations lead to farming.

Mike is of the Mitchell fourth generation. He farms along side his two brothers, parents & their families. In 2008 they received a Century Farm award, meaning the Mitchell family homestead has remained in the family name for over 100 years.

With their respective companies, together as a family, they farm around 40,000 acres of red and green lentils, chickpeas, hard red spring wheat, durum, canola, and barley.

You can follow along farming and all of Mike's crazy adventures on his YouTube channel or get to know Mike on a more personal level, with his Patreon account.

Watch The Start of Seeding 2022

What I've learned: Mike is Crazy, Mike is not biased, Mike entertains me, Mike trys to answer to all comments, Mike is very humble

FarmBoy Karsten

If Deadpool was a farmer, awesome videos!


Mike is genuine. He's Authentic. And that's why we love his content. Plus my kids love him as well...and his content is clean

A Hofer

The Family Farm

More than a business-the family farm is a lifestyle-it is an ideal worth preserving.